Small Group
Training Sessions

Personal & Small Group Training

Our women-only small group training sessions are held in classes of four to give you the extra support you need. Our structured workout begins with 30 minutes of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) on cardio equipment of your choice. After we have challenged your cardio-respiratory system and lubricated your joints with HIIT, we move on to 25 minutes of strength and resistance training.The workouts change daily and incorporate a variety of training modalities including TRX training, kettlebells, agility and coordination exercises, balance training, and traditional weight training. Always remember our staff leads you every step of the way.

We offer a free Fitness Assessment for newcomers. Our assessment helps us decide what fitness level you are at for class placement, determines your range of motion and more. If you are new to fitness or getting back from an injury we recommend an assessment. These are done by our compassionate team with no judgment involved.

Pricing Plans:

  • Single Sessions: $25
  • 1x Weekly: $100/mon
  • 2x Weekly: $120/mon
  • Unlimited: $150/mon
  • Online Training: $50/mon
  • Personal Training Sessions:

    *Accepting HSA and FSA funds for all training services and membership plans.

Class Descriptions

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Running assessments are ideal for runners who would like to better their overall performance and form, while also preventing injury.
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