In-Person Training & Classes

Personal & Small Group Training


  • Our goal at Synergy is to provide a fun, safe , and inclusive space that encourages pain free movement
  • No long-term contracts 
  • Our pricing is set up to allow you flexibility to combine or switch between services to best serve your needs
  • If you’re not sure what services are the best fit for you, consider a free Movement Screen
  • You can also start with a free Trial Class
  • Or you can give us a call or schedule a tour of our space to have any questions answered


Monthly Memberships:

    • Unlimited: $150
    • 2x Weekly: $120/month
    • Open Gym: $50/month

Training Class Passes:

  • Guest Pass: $15 (5 Pack $75)
  • Member Pass: $10 (5 Pack $50)
  • Open Gym – 1-Day: $5


Personal Training:

  • 30 Minute Session: $35 (10 Pack $332.50 / 20 Pack $665.00)
  • 45 Minute Session: $52 (10 Pack $494.00 / 20 Pack $988.00)
  • 60 Minute Session: $69 (10 Pack $655.50 / 20 Pack $1,311.00)

*Accepting HSA and FSA funds for all training services and membership plans.

What is a Free Movement Screen ?

  • We provide a free, non-judgemental screen to assess your baseline cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, movement patterns, balance and strength to look for any restrictions or imbalances. You can also get a free baseline body composition measurement done if you are interested, but is is optional.
  • This screen helps our trainers determine what services may be most beneficial to you, or if any modifications need to be made during training.
  • It also provides you a good baseline to measure future progress against if you want to retest later.
  • The screen takes about 45 minutes to complete. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and make sure you have some fuel in the tank.  If you haven’t had a meal in over four hours, a small snack may help.
  • We will discuss the results afterwards and give you feedback and recommendations.

Class Descriptions


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