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Dr. Birgit Reher
Owner/Physical Therapist


The most rewarding thing about what I do is helping women feel healthier and stronger, move better, and get back to doing the things they enjoy.

Many times, being a physical therapist means playing a detective. Clients frequently come in with problems that have developed from compensating for other underlying issues, such as old injuries. It’s my job to figure out the root of the problem.

I love experiencing with my client that moment of insight where she becomes aware and fully understands why her body is having an issue, and that I can help her fix it, as well as give her tools to help herself. That brings me so much joy, even after 20 years of practice.

As an undergraduate, I received a Bachelor’s in Nursing. After working as an RN for several years, I completed graduate studies to become a physical therapist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and later received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. I have worked in settings ranging from outpatient orthopedics to home health, geriatrics, and aquatics, and love working on resolving pain, restoring mobility, and improving balance.

When not working at Synergy, I enjoy hiking and backpacking, camping (including Prius camping), reading, gardening, cheering my husband on at soccer games, and having fun with my grandkids.

Katharina Reher


I love helping women I serve have "aha" moments concerning their health and wellness. After almost a decade in the health and wellness industry, I've discovered that many people consider only one part of the body and forget about the interconnectedness of the body as a whole. This thought process is something to contemplate when focusing on activity, or intake, or even gimmicky fad diets! It's incredibly rewarding to help make a concept "click" when I provide clarity and insight for clients.

My background includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from North Carolina Central University and a personal training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have over seven years of personal training experience and 9 years of fitness management.

When I’m at home, I love spending time with my furry family! I have four cats: Felix, Pipey Piperton, Gilberto, and Bootsie Badass. I also trap and rescue feral kitties - to date, I successfully rescued over 50! Other than that, I love acrylic painting, playing drums, and eating baked goods.

Zoe Dinkins
Training Manager 


I'm passionate about my life and work as an athlete. Each day I strive to lift heavier than the day before; one more rep, one more sprint, one more minute than the day before; always working toward an improved version of myself. There is a unique confidence and inner strength in being a physically strong woman.

Women consistently come up against societal pressures. Especially in the fitness world, they are underrated and scrutinized. I've been an athlete for nearly 12 years, playing volleyball from middle school through college. My goal is to break through barriers to women in the fitness industry, and working in a women-only gym is a perfect gateway for my purpose and passion.

I have an art degree and am currently on the path to becoming a personal trainer. My focus personally is on getting lean muscle and globally to help women and members of the LGBTQ community achieve their fitness goals.

Another passion of mine is walking and spending time in nature. Pigeon pose happens to be my all-time best stretch, especially after a long walk.

"The most important thing you can do on this planet is become the realization of your own imagination." - RuPaul

Katey Rolocut
Personal Trainer


Over the past decade, I’ve gained extensive experience as a manager, member specialist, and medical assistant in gyms and wellness centers across North Carolina and Indiana. 


In addition to receiving a B.S. in Health Science with a Sport and Exercise Science concentration from Indiana University South Bend, I have completed several courses on strength and conditioning, nutrition, and exercise instruction. As a group and personal trainer, I combine my knowledge and passion for fitness to create effective training plans for women of varying abilities so they can achieve their goals, see their progress, and fall in love with healthy, balanced lifestyles!

Although much of my work occurs in fitness studios, I’ve been a proud member of the U.S. military since 2015 and am an administrative assistant in the military’s medical unit.


In the gym, you’ll find me working on building muscle, but in my community, I’m constantly finding ways to give back to others as an American Red Cross member and Special Olympics volunteer.

“Become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being.”

Emily Thompson
Personal Trainer

Since 2017, I've helped clients of all fitness levels achieve their goals with sustainable lifestyle changes.

Before becoming Duke University's Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness, I gained extensive experience working one-on-one with clients, leading group classes, and managing wellness programs with hundreds of participants. 

In addition to earning a Master's Degree in Health, Physical Education, & Recreation from Emporia State University, I am an ACE Personal Trainer and with multiple ACE certifications. I place education at the forefront of my programs and strive to stay up-to-date on the latest fitness trends by regularly participating in various workshops and conferences.

I believe in focusing on all aspects of physical and mental health, and by creating programs that motivate and empower women to lead healthier lives, I aim to help them see results, build confidence, and become the most joyful versions of themselves! 

If I'm not powerlifting, I'm most likely outdoors, enjoying activities that keep my body moving and my heart full.

“I am ready to face any challenges that may be foolish enough to face me.” —Dwight Schrute

Kira Bishop
Personal trainer 



Shortly after graduating from college, I made the decision to pursue a certification in Exercise Science and Personal Training to become an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Health Coach.

For 10+ years, I've performed various roles in gyms and corporate settings, facilitating one-on-one training sessions, leading group classes, and coordinating fitness programs and events. However, no matter where or who I'm coaching, I strive to make maintaining regular fitness routines fun and accessible for all.

As a woman in fitness, I love working with women to smash the "women aren't strong" stereotype while helping them build the kind of physical strength and inner confidence they might not have known they were capable of.

Inspiring others to show up for themselves begins with showing up for yourself first. So, after my three pups and the promise of coffee get me out of bed each morning, I aim to set an example by consistently working to achieve my goals, too!

"You can have results or excuses. Not both." — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Devan O’Rourke
Personal Trainer


When it comes to fitness, you can count on me to bring the energy, education, and dedication needed to cultivate results.

Driven by my passion for safe, education-based exercise, I received my BS in exercise science at Simmons University in 2021, and today, I am proudly working toward achieving my MS in exercise physiology. As a NASM-certified group fitness instructor, I've also gained extensive hands-on experience as a stretch practitioner and fitness instructor in athletic centers across Boston and North Carolina.

There's nothing more powerful than facilitating a safe environment that encourages women to feel comfortable asking questions and exploring new workouts. Whether working one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their personal wellness goals or leading group HIIT classes, I strive to help women of all fitness levels express themselves, chase their dreams, and form strengthened relationships with their bodies.

Exercise is just one part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and there's nothing I enjoy more than encouraging clients to explore creative movement routines and holistic wellness practices!

Noawhal Awel
Personal trainer / Small Group Instructor


There's nothing as empowering as achieving your goals, and helping women see and feel the results of their hard work is the most incredible part of my job!

After becoming a NASM-certified personal trainer, I began working in a strength and conditioning facility, creating personalized workout programs for clients. Today, through my 1-on-1 training sessions and group fitness classes, I foster a supportive environment that includes all fitness levels, prioritizes safety, and encourages women to practice healthy movement in and out of the gym.

Continued education is essential in the wellness space. Studying movement science is a passion of mine, as it allows me to continue expanding my knowledge and skill set as a trainer. I have enrolled in multiple certification courses, including FMS (Functional Movement Screening) Level 1, and I am also focusing on a bodybuilding specialization.

I strive to emphasize the importance of functional movement, and all my workouts focus on building mobility, flexibility, and balance.

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