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Welcome New Clients

Curious about us?

We offer a free Fitness Assessment for newcomers. Simply put, our assessment helps us decide what fitness level you are at for class placement, determines your range of motion, etc. All of this is done by our compassionate team, with no judgment involved.

This is for you if:

  • You haven’t worked out in a long time
  • You’re new to fitness
  • You’re recovering from an injury/in rehab

If you feel confident in your fitness level, feel free to skip this assessment and sign up for classes.

What to expect at Synergy Fitness For Her

We do it all and live up to our name. We combine everything you need to follow your fitness journey, from nutrition counseling to personal training to physical therapy. Synergy equals results, and we stand by this.

Our gym is women-only, which means the feminine energy is flowing, and our community is tight-knit. We’re here to help each other.

We guide you in whatever area you need it. Our staff is committed to tailoring fitness and health to each woman we serve.

You can be sure you will have an all-inclusive experience on your fitness journey.

What to Wear:
Clothes you’re comfortable in! Come dressed to work out. Make sure you can move freely and easily.

What to Bring:
Sneakers. A water bottle. Your vibrant self.

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